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High quality and healthy nutrition

After exploring the recipes that once gave joy and substance to the tables of  Italians, La Premiata Ditta has selected and combined the best ingredients that, then and now, can guarantee high quality and healthy nutrition.

Dinner or a snack

When a culinary and recreational break is needed, La Premiata Ditta recommends that you find time in your urban life for breakfast, lunch, Dinner or a snack. In addition, why not  include a  sparkling aperitif with your break.


For the farmers and wine artisans, bread was the basis of which to combine ham, capocollo and salami. When accompanied with a glass of wine, it was an essential type of food to consume during daily work and harvesting, but also at family celebrations and anniversaries. Under the motto, more than bread, La Premiata Ditta offers delicious types of breads and fillings that are great for foodies.

Green corner

For those that prefer a vegetarian diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, La Premiata Ditta offers a "green corner" that provides daily fresh fruit and a good portion of vegetables.


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