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Opening hours

Mon. - Sat. 11 until 24

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Values in the centre

La Premiata Ditta has chosen its suppliers following a strategy of co-creation: Work together to return to customers a system of shared values such as genuineness, health, honesty and work.


Excellent quality of products

La Premiata Ditta has tasted and selected niche products from the production farms: small companies working in the environment and that closely follow the life cycle of the product in full harmony with the nature and land. The client can visit the Premiata Ditta companies promoted at any time, either through the web or through a trip to Italy to appreciate the quality offered even more.

In the service of food culture

La Premiata Ditta uses excellent collaborators that, in addition,  to ensuring a fast and friendly service know every aspect of the products for sale to satisfy the curiosity of the customers.


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